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Home Sweet Home
Valle Crucis, North Carolina
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The Valle Crucis Community Park
P.O. Box 581
Valle Crucis, NC 28691

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2918 Broadstone Road
Historic Valle Crucis
Banner Elk, NC 28604

Howard Brafman
828-963-4954, 305-496-9492
Fred Martin
828-963-6071, 828-963-6511
John LaCapra
David Finck

Vae Hamilton - "Horse Dreams"

Policies & Procedures

~ Dogs are permitted but must remain on a leash (not to exceed 12 feet in length) at all times. Dog handlers MUST clean up after their pets. Plastic bags and trash cans are provided at Pet Stations.
~ All covered picnic areas and the cook shed are available on a first-come, first-serve basis unless that shelter has been reserved in advance.
~ Open fires are not permitted in the park. Charcoal grills are available for cooking.
~ Firearms and fireworks are not allowed in the park.
~ Motorized vehicles (except motorized wheelchairs) are not allowed in the park.
~ Horses are not allowed in the park.
~ Only non-motorized boats (not to exceed 12 feet in length) are permitted in the Park pond. Boats cannot be trailered to the pond – they must be carried from the parking lot.
~ The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages by adults over twenty one years of age is permitted in the Park in conjunction with a party or picnic that also serves food. However, these beverages must be consumed with discretion and absolutely no public display of alcoholic beverages will be allowed.
~ Camping is not permitted in the park.
~ Solicitation in the Park in any way, shape or form will not be permitted.
~ The biggest problem confronting any park is the accumulation of trash. All Park patrons are to deposit ALL trash in the appropriate containers.
~ A park by nature is supposed to be a quiet, serene place where people come to enjoy the tranquility of their environment. The playing of loud music and loud, boisterous functions will not be permitted in the Park.

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